The cidered beef from Pays de Caux    

Exclusively in the principality of Monaco, we have the pleasure to offer you a meat of exception, the cidered Beef, with comes in limited numbers as it is produced in small quantities.

The combination of beef and cider is a marriage of convenience.

In some rural areas of the Pays de Caux, some rare dwellers still remember a former tradition which consisted in giving some cider to oxen being slaughtered on Easter day.

Still today, cider apples and apple pomace are sometimes parts of the food given to traditional Norman oxen.
Finally, there is only one step from beef to cider.

Considering the high-quality level of the Kobé beef, why should not we give cider to oxen rather than some beer?

As cider’s ingredients are rather similar to beer’s ingredients, cider can be a substitute for feeding mature oxen.
Some studies highlighted the fact that if you give alcohol in reasonable proportions to oxen, it can tenderize their flesh. Our predecessors have known this rule long before us!

An exceptional product

The Norman meat is renowned for its sprinkled parsley aspect and its distinct flavour. The addition of cider fosters a better distribution of fatty parts and provides you with a unique smoothness.
Its colour, its tenderness and its flavour turn it into an exceptional product.
The specific attention and care given to the breeding of these animals do not allow a large production of cidered beef. In this regard, the braised parts such as the sirloin or the fillets are rare and refined products.
Our commitments
Our Norman traditional oxen are raised in rural farms with an exceptional quality of breeding.

The oxen received a healthy and well-balanced diet, guaranteed without any corn or soya GMO.  Their food is essentially composed of grass, alfalfa and proteins from the farm.

Each animal will receive a quantity of cider – with a total ingested amount of 1500 liters per animal.  This supplement will bring an additional cost to the process and justify its high price.

Four ingredients
• A traditional farming
Our farm, located right in the heart of the Pays de Caux, along the valley of the Seine, has always encouraged traditional expertise rather than intensive production.
The main principles of our business are the protection of our environment, the simplified running of farming, the reasonable and limited breeding of animals in meadows.

• A healthy diet
Seven months per year, our oxen are fed with grass.
During wintertime, they eat alfalfa, peas or field beans. All these ingredients are produced in the farm and we guarantee that they are GMO free.

• Stressless animals
Animals have always received specific and dedicated attention for their well -being. It is the guarantee of a long-lasting breeding. In the same way as the Kobé oxen, it was necessary to us to implement the best conditions for our cidered oxen: brushes of massage as well as classical music are set up to relax animals.

• A traditional cider in maturation
At the end of their growth, during at least 4 months, the animals receive a supplement of cider in their food which gradually reaches 15 liters a day. In a very short period of time, the oxen become fond of this sweet and low alcohol-content beverage. The cider, produced in the farm, meets with the specifications " organic product” and is marketed under the brand " Le P’tit Clos Normand".