The lamb    

The lamb is one of these meats whose gustative sensations vary according to the type of breeding and grazing. The Formia Butcher's shop offers you a whole panel of flavours from the French local products: from the salt meadow lamb of the Mont St-Michel to the more complex and sophisticated taste of the lamb from Quercy, your taste will be enhanced.

Well renowned for its tenderness and its extremely fine and delicate taste, the milk-fed lamb from Pyrenees values the traditional as well as the modern recipes. Its meat provides a soft and delicate flesh with aromas of hazelnut and mushroom to end with a final touch of refreshing and soft milk flavour.

At the Formia Butcher's shop, you could also choose a side of lamb from Pauillac: raised on a territory renowned for its vineyards and fed from its mother’s udder.Its breeding turns it into a top-range product with outstanding characteristics.